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Institutes and Faculties (Chairs)

Acting Dean: F. Chistyakov, Assoc. Prof.
Leather and Fur Technology and Commodity Research of Non-Foods
D. Shalbuev, Assoc. Prof.
Light Industry Produce Technology
S. Ayusheeva, Assoc. Prof.
Machinery and Apparata of Light Industry
S. Polomoshnyh, Assoc. Prof.
Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
B. Tanganov, Prof.
V. Shagdarov, Assoc. Prof.
Design and Technology of Packing Industry
A. Borontsoev, Assoc. Prof.
Social and Technological Service
N. Hamnaeva, Prof.

Acting Director: A. Matuev, Assoc. Prof.
Meat and Meat Produce Technology
M. Danilov, Prof.
Dairy Produce Technology. Commodity Research and Examination of Goods
I. Khamagaeva, Prof.
Food and Agricultural Engineering
V. Danzanov, Assoc. Prof.
Bioorganic and Food chemistry
S. Zhamsaranova, Prof.
V. Tsyrenov, Prof.
Herbal Produce Technology
G. Tsybikova, Prof.
Biomedical Machinery, Processes and Food Industry Apparata
S. Yampilov, Prof.
Catering Food Technology
V. Luzan, Prof.
Engineering and Computer Science Graphics
T. Ayusheev, Assoc. Prof.
Standardization, Metrology and Certification
I. Khanhalaeva, Prof.

Acting Dean: M. Kalashnikov, Prof.
Industrial and Civil Engineering
A. Plotnikov, Assoc. Prof.
Production of Building Materials and Articles
M. Zayakhanov, Prof.
Heat and Gas Supply, Ventilation and Heat Technology
O. Ayurova, Assoc. Prof.
Resistance of materials
L. Bokhoeva, Prof.
Higher Mathematics
E. Sordokhonova, Assoc. Prof.
Investment and Real Estate Management
J. Gunazhinova, Assoc. Prof.

Acting Dean: A. Greshilov, Assoc. Prof.
Mechanical Engineering Technology, Metal Working Machines and Complexes
Y. Shurygin, Assoc. Prof.
V. Alexeev, Assoc. Prof.
Machine Units, Theory of Mechanisms and Machines
I. Bituev, Assoc. Prof.
Metallurgy and Metal Processing Technology
B. Lygdenov, Assoc. Prof.
Theoretical Mechanics
G. Alkhunsaev, Assoc. Prof.
Aircraft and Helicopter Construvction
Ts. Tsydypov, Assoc. Prof.

Acting Dean: I. Sharaldaeva, Prof.
Acting Dean: L. Mansheeva, Assoc. Prof.
Macroeconomics, Economic Information and Statistics Department
I. Antohonova, Prof.
Management, Marketing and Commerce Department
E. Vanchikova, Assoc.Prof.
Accounting, Analysis and Audit Deparment
D. Batueva, Assoc. Prof.
Economics, Organization and Administration of Processing Industries and Service Industries Enterprises Department
E. Dugina, Prof.
Production Economics, Organization and Administration Department
V. Belomestnov, Prof.
Finance and Crediting Department
V. Baginova, Prof.
Taxes and Taxation Department
L. Slepnyova, Prof.
Economics, National and World Economics
E. Tsyrenova, Prof.
Acting Dean: I. Sharaldaeva, Prof.
Civil Law Deparment
M. Shodonova, Assoc. Prof.
Constitutional Law Deparment
Zh. Dorzhiev, Assoc. Prof.
Criminal Law Department
V. Radnaev, Assoc. Prof.
Customs Department
T. Tanganova, Assoc. Prof.
Crisis Management and Personnel Management Department
O. Novakovskaya, Prof.
Engineering Protection of the Environment and Protection in Emergency Situations Deparment
Yu. Khankhunov, Assoc. Prof.

Acting Dean: P. Mognonov, Assoc. Prof.
Electrical Supply of Industrial and Agricultural Enterprises
V. Daneev, Assoc. Prof.
Electronic Calculating Systems
D-D. Shirapov, Prof.
Computer Science Systems
L. Naikhanova, Prof.
Electrical Engineering
G. Nikolaev, Assoc. Prof.
Automation and Electrical Equipment of Industrial Enterprises
A. Khaptaev, Assoc. Prof.
Thermal Power Plant
Ts. Dambiev, Prof.

Acting Dean: V. Mantatov, Prof.
Acting Dean: S. Angaeva, Prof.
General Economics and Regional Studies Deparment
E. Dondokova, Prof.
Sociology and Political Science Department
Ts. Choiropov, Prof.
History and Archival Science Deparment
L. Zhabaeva, Prof.
Philosophy Department
L. Mantatova, Prof.
Physical Education Department
G. Barbaev, Prof.
Ecology and Life Safety Deparment
A. Imethenov, Prof.
Applied Mathematics Deparment
A. Mizhidon, Prof.
Social Technology Deparment
Yu. Shurygina, Prof.
Cultural Studies and Socio-Cultural Anthropology Department
V. Kurguzov, Prof.
Acting Dean: T. Protasova, Assoc. Prof.
English Language and Intercultural Communication Department
Ts. Bidagayeva, Assoc. Prof.
English Language and Professional Communication Department
L. Shargaeva, Assoc. Prof.
Eastern and European Languages Deparment
R. Bukhaeva, Assoc. Prof.
Advertising and PR Department
A. Kuzmin, Assoc. Prof.

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