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Acting Director: V. Mantatov, Prof.
Acting Dean: S. Angaeva, Prof.
General Economics and Regional Studies Deparment
E. Dondokova, Prof.
Sociology and Political Science Department
Ts. Choiropov, Prof.
History and Archival Science Deparment
L. Zhabaeva, Prof.
Philosophy Department
L. Mantatova, Prof.
Physical Education Department
G. Barbaev, Prof.
Ecology and Life Safety Deparment
A. Imethenov, Prof.
Applied Mathematics Deparment
A. Mizhidon, Prof.
Social Technology Deparment
Yu. Shurygina, Prof.
Cultural Studies and Socio-Cultural Anthropology Department
V. Kurguzov, Prof.
Acting Dean: T. Protasova, Assoc. Prof.
English Language and Intercultural Communication Department
Ts. Bidagayeva, Assoc. Prof.
English Language and Professional Communication Department
L. Shargaeva, Assoc. Prof.
Eastern and European Languages Deparment
R. Bukhaeva, Assoc. Prof.
Advertising and PR Department
A. Kuzmin, Assoc. Prof.


Faculty of Applied Linguistics and Communication (FALC)

In May 2005 the Institute of Sustainable Development (ISD) of East Siberia State University of Technology and Management (East Siberian State Technological University) was reorganized to form two faculties:
1) Ecology and the Humanities Faculty
2) Applied Linguistics and Communication Faculty

Since the time of its formation FALC has been the independent division incorporated into the Institute of Sustainable Development.

Today FALC trains specialists in two fields:
1. Public Relations. Communication Management. Modern Press Service. Full-time studies, since 2007.
2. Advertising. Advertising Management. Copyright. Full-time, since 2007.

The Dean of the Faculty is Tatyana Dugarovna Protasova, Cand. Of Pedagogic Science, Associate Prof.

Among the staff of the faculty there are two Doctors of Science, Professors, nineteen Candidates of Science, Associate Professors.

Current full-time entrollment is two hundred and two (202) students.


FALC is composed of four departments:

  1. Advertsing and Public Relations Department which offers a comprehensive education for their students with the Russian association of PR students giving them the vast opportunities to interact with experts in their fields and do independent research to realize their most ambitious projects.
  2. English Language and Intercultural Communication (ELIC) Department.
  3. English Language and Professional Communication (ELPC) Department
  4. Eastern and European Languages (EEL) Department

The three linguistic departments aim to educate future specialists to be capable of mastering foreign languages to have access to world cultural riches.

Basic goals and aims

FALc follows in its activities the democratic traditions in science, culture and education.

Students specializing in Public Relations (PR) and advertising can focus on Market Relations issues, developing new methods and technologies Management, the general trend being the policy of facilitating the economic development of the region with the use of science-based technologies in research centres and institutions.

FALC offers its graduates and post-graduates the opportunities for further research and study through post-graduate courses, special programmes and various training courses.

Scientific Research work

The main trends are:

  • The Innovation Technologies in Teaching at the chair of PCO in the conditions of multi-level training
  • European Language Portfolio in teaching foreign languages
  • The state (region) image as a strategy of Russia’s integration and ATR
  • Developing intercultural competence in the process of continuous education
  • Translation. Science of Translation. Methods of teaching foreign languages, new information technologies. Online American Studies.

Department of the English Language and Intercultural Communication (ELIC)

ELIC’s programmes are designed to give the students the opportunities to attain maximum competence in a foreign language (English), develop new technology and methods for teaching the language effectively.

The Head of the Department is Svetlana Dimchikovna Bidagaeva, cand. of philological science, associate prof.

To the motivated students ELIC offers the opportunities to get an additional speciality “Professional Communication Interpreter (Translator) after 6-7 semesters of intensive language studies in such aspects as “Linguistics”, English (advanced levels), British and American Culture, Translation, The theory of translation and some other.

A number of new programmes have been worjed out:

Lecture Course programmes in Introduction to the theory of Intercultural Communication, theory of translation and contrastive analysis of Russian and English languages and others.

Three language departments arrange and conduct courses during each academic year for those who wish to improve their knowledge in foreign languages. Special training courses are also open to the staff of the University to meet the growing demands of foreign language acquisition. The programmes are flexible enough to accept different background.


At the disposal of FALC students there are some laboratories: TV and Web-design laboratory where programes and advertisements are designed. PR students have vast opportunities for internship and gaining experience which may contribute to professional employment.

There are two rooms at the ELIC department for conducting courses according to the existing intensive course language studies programme.

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