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Acting Director: A. Matuev, Assoc. Prof.
Meat and Meat Produce Technology
M. Danilov, Prof.
Dairy Produce Technology. Commodity Research and Examination of Goods
I. Khamagaeva, Prof.
Food and Agricultural Engineering
V. Danzanov, Assoc. Prof.
Bioorganic and Food chemistry
S. Zhamsaranova, Prof.
V. Tsyrenov, Prof.
Herbal Produce Technology
G. Tsybikova, Prof.
Biomedical Machinery, Processes and Food Industry Apparata
S. Yampilov, Prof.
Catering Food Technology
V. Luzan, Prof.
Engineering and Computer Science Graphics
T. Ayusheev, Assoc. Prof.
Standardization, Metrology and Certification
I. Khanhalaeva, Prof.


Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology

The Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology (IFEB) was organized on the basis of Mechanical and Technological Department of Food Industry on December 28, 1999 (The Rector’s Order № 2626, December 28, 1999).

The Institute is the educational, scientific, manufacturing, administrative establishment of East Siberia State University of Technology and Management and has the right to make independent decisions within its jurisdiction if it doesn’t run against the Statute of the University.

There are two Scientific Boards for the Doctorate and Candidate degrees in the field of food industry and biotechnology. Also Post-graduate and Master Degree education successfully functions at the Institute.

Director of the Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology is Matuev Anatoliy Syrendorzhievich, Assoc. Prof.

Institute consists of 10 Chairs and Problem Research Laboratory of Immunochemistry.

Educational Programs

Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology offers 16 educational programs and two directions:

080401 Commodity Research and Examination of Goods (in the sphere of production and circulation of agricultural raw materials and foodstuffs)
110303 Mechanization of Agricultural Produce Processing
220402 Engineering in Medical and Biological Practice
200501 Metrology and Metrological Supply
200503 Standardization and Certification
220501 Quality Management
240100 Direction “Chemical Technology and Biotechnology”
240901 Biotechnology
206100 Direction “Foodstuffs Technology”
260201 Grain Storage and Processing Technology
260202 Bread, Confectionery and Macaroni Produce Technology
260301 Fermentation and Winemaking Technology
260301 Meat and Meat Produce Technology
260303 Dairy Produce Technology
260401 Fats, Essential Oils, Perfumery and Cosmetics Produce Technology
260501 Catering Food Technology
260504 Canned Food and Food Concentrates Technology
260601 Machinery and Apparata of Food Industry

Scientific Research Life

Scientific Directions

  1. Development of technologies, compounding specialized meat products using BAS animal and plant origin. Supervisor – M.B. Danilov, Full Prof.
  2. Production of functional nutrition food Supervisor – I.S. Khamagaeva, Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  3. The scientific and technological program “Technology of Living Systems” Supervisor – I.S. Khamagaeva, Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  4. Development of technology of fermented dairy product for functional nutrition Supervisor – I.S. Khamagaeva, Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  5. Research and development of effective technologies and technical means of agricultural mechanization of grain and other products processing in The East Siberia Supervisor – N.A. Urhanov, Full Prof., Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  6. The intensification of thermal processes in food industry Supervisor – V.D Danzanov. Assoc. Prof., Candidate of Science in Engineering.
  7. Immune biotechnology of natural biologically active compounds Supervisor –S.D. Zhamsaranova, Full Prof., Doctor of Science in Biology.
  8. Search, assessment and development of methods of rational use of new sources of food raw materials Supervisor – T.F. Chirkina, Full Prof., Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  9. Scientific basis for national food technologies Supervisor – E.B. Bitueva, Full Prof., Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  10. Metallaromatic complexes: synthesis, properties and use for modification of inert polymer Supervisor – L.A. Maksanova, Assoc.Prof., Doctor of Science in Chemistry.
  11. Resource-saving technologies and technological means of vegetable raw material processing and refining Supervisor – S.S. Yampilov, Full Prof., Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  12. Development of technologies for quick-frozen products and products of functional nutrition taking into account the peculiarities of Siberia and the Far East Supervisor – V. N. Luzan, Full Prof., Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  13. Development of methods for geometric modeling process of robotic sensing and robotic navigation Supervisor –T.V. Ayusheev, Full Prof., Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  14. Automation of technological process of polymer composite materials manufacture Supervisor – T.V. Ayusheev, Full Prof., Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  15. Quality management and safety of food and biotechnological production. Supervisor – I. A. Khankhalaeva, Full Prof., Doctor of Science in Engineering.
  16. Expert measurement maintenance. Supervisor – D.N. Khamkhanova, Assoc.Prof., Candidate of Science in Engineering.
  17. Development of qualimetric methods for assessing the quality of products and services. Supervisor – A. P. Olefirova, Assoc.Prof., Candidate of Science in Engineering.


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  2. Nikolaeva G. G. Nikolaev S. M., Taphanova L. M. and others. Plant xantones and flavonoids of gentian families and their pharmacological activity. - Ulan-Ude. ESSTU, 2008.
  3. Khamagaeva I. S., Krivonosova A. V., Kuznetsova O. S. Food supplements, fortified by essential microcells. - Ulan-Ude. ESSTU, 2009.
  4. Khamagaeva I. S., Khankhalaeva I. A. Zaigraeva L. I. The study of probiotic cultures for sausage production. - Ulan-Ude. ESSTU, 2006.
  5. Khamhanova D. N. Theoretical basis for expert measurement maintenance. Ulan-Ude. ESSTU, 2006.
  6. Khamhanova D. N. Standard maintenance of unity of experimental measurements in technologies of the food-processing industry. - Ulan-Ude. ESSTU, 2008.
  7. Tsibikova D. Ts. Biologically active substances of sea buckthorn and prospects for its use in medicine and food industries - Ulan-Ude. ESSTU, 2007.
  8. Yampilov S. S. Tsybenov Zh. B. Technology and tools to clean the grain by using gravity. - Ulan-Ude. ESSTU, 2006.

Research Area

Since 1996, the research supervised by of I.S. Khamagaeva, is carried out within the federal program of social and economic development of the Republic of Buryatia, the Federal target scientific and technical program in priority areas of science, as "The technology of living systems" of the Republican Scientific Technical Program of Buryatia “Science, Technology and Innovation”, etc.

On the basis of long-term fundamental research on physiological, biochemical and biotechnological properties of probiotic microorganisms, the chair Dairy Produce Technology developed biologically active supplement "Concentrated bifidobacteria liquid", "Propioniks", "Yodpropioniks", "Yodbifivit”, “Selenpropioniks", "Selenbifit" for correcting iodine and selenium balance conditions. Also the chair developed bacterial concentration "Kurungin" and “Kumysin” - multiprobiotics, a consortium consisting of lactic acid bacteria and yeast. A method for making sourdough propionic acid bacteria and bifidobacteria for the production of bakery products is developed. Biotechnological way to handle raw meat probiotic microorganisms to enhance the quality of the finished product is proposed. With the use of concentrates of Bifidobacterium and propionic acid bacteria, a wide range of probiotic products are produced such as milk drinks "Bifivit", "Tselebniy", protein paste "Bifidnaya", cottage cheese "Bifidny", etc.

The developed technologies are widely distributed on the dairy industry enterprises of the Republic of Buryatia, Irkutsk and Chita region, Khabarovsk Krai, Stavropol Krai and other regions of Russia.

The results of the research are reflected in numerous publications, 20 monographs, confirmed in 30 patents for inventions, 2 trademarks, marked with two silver medals of the Fair of National Economic Achievements.

The scientific work, carried out by the chair "Bioorganic and Food Chemistry", involving senior students and graduate students is connected with the problems of biotechnology and technology of a healthy diet and is developing a method of extracting biologically active compounds from natural sources, assessing their effectiveness in different experimental models. The results are used to create new functional food and dietary supplements and medicines. In this work, the chair cooperates with other chairs of our Institute and the University, as well as with scientists from other universities and research organizations of the city and country.

Diploma for "High food technology, methods and tools for their implementation” is obtained at the National Exhibition, a diploma for the project “Development of new resource-and energy-saving technologies for processing crops” is achieved at the scientific technical conference “Food, ecology, man” (Moscow), a diploma for new technologies in the food industry (Ulan-Ude) is gained at the exhibition Baikal-Expo "Prodmarket, business equipment, packaging, label - 2007", a diploma for a series of exhibits on new herbal products technologies is acquired at the Russian-Chinese trade show in Manchuria and at the international exhibition in Shenyang (China).

Silver Medal and Diploma of II degree are obtained for “Unleavened bread from a mixture of rye and wheat flour” and “Unleavened bread made from rye and barley flour” at All-Russian show of quality bread and bakery products (Moscow).

The following scientific developments are introduced into production: "The technology of sea buckthorn jelly" in "Dabaty", "Technology of unleavened bread" at ESSTU "Pishchevik" and at a bakery in Ust-Kut in Irkutsk Oblast, "The technology of low-calorie bread “taste” at IP "Mokhorov", at a bakery in Ust-Kut in Irkutsk Oblast.

”Buckwheat flour technology” was tested in industrial conditions at JSC “Zaudinsky flour mill” and "Technology of Fast Cooking Grains from Barley” was approved in JSC “Agroeliks” in the Chita region.

Currently, Prof. Naykhanov V.V. works on the following fields: development of methods for geometric modeling of sensitizing and navigating robots, calibration of digital cameras, restoration and recognition of forms of flat objects, recovery and identification forms the bulk of bodies on the grayscale information of navigation in relation to intelligent robotic complexes, process of automated manufacture of complex-shaped parts made of polymer composite materials to develop a methodology of modeling the geodesics on complex surfaces, the automation of building developments of undevelopable surfaces. Scientific researchers are Ayusheev T.V., Tsydypov T.T., Zhimbueva L.D., Budazhapova B. B., Dubanov A.A., Dampilov N.N., Shedeeva S.D., Pavlova S.V.

Student’s life

There is Student Trade Union Bureau, a self-governing body in the Institute of Food Engineering and Biotechnology. Yakovleva Yulia, gr.218, is a union organizer since 2009. About 40 students of the Institute take part in the annual summer student teams (construction, manufacturing, etc.)

More than 50 students of the Institute attend sports clubs in 8 kinds of sport (basketball, volleyball, table tennis, football, archery, wrestling, shooting, athletics). Among them there are 10 Masters of Sport (4 in archery, 6 in wrestling), a Master of Sport of International Class; 3 candidates for Masters of Sport (2 in track-and-field athletics, 1 in basketball); 17 students are the first class sportsmen (4 in basketball, 4 in football, 9 in track-and-field athletics). The students of the Institute have high achievement in sports. Protasova Valentina is a five-time world champion in bullet shooting and match crossbows. She is a member of the national team of the Republic Buryatia and Russia. Nalpina Olesya is 2006 European and Russian champion. The women team of the Institute participated in the festival “Fitness – Spring - 2010” and won the prize in nomination “Synchronicity”.

More than 70 students of the Institute are involved in amateur art groups. More than half of them are engaged in the choreography. There is a KVN team. The students of the IFEB in the ESSUT team "The White Day" became the winners among 49 professional dance groups in 9th All-Russian Folk Dance Festival “Narodniy pereplyas” in Chelyabinsk.

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