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Acting Director: I. Sharaldaeva, Prof.
Acting Dean: L. Mansheeva, Assoc. Prof.
Macroeconomics, Economic Information and Statistics Department
I. Antohonova, Prof.
Management, Marketing and Commerce Department
E. Vanchikova, Assoc.Prof.
Accounting, Analysis and Audit Deparment
D. Batueva, Assoc. Prof.
Economics, Organization and Administration of Processing Industries and Service Industries Enterprises Department
E. Dugina, Prof.
Production Economics, Organization and Administration Department
V. Belomestnov, Prof.
Finance and Crediting Department
V. Baginova, Prof.
Taxes and Taxation Department
L. Slepnyova, Prof.
Economics, National and World Economics
E. Tsyrenova, Prof.
Acting Dean: I. Sharaldaeva, Prof.
Civil Law Deparment
M. Shodonova, Assoc. Prof.
Constitutional Law Deparment
Zh. Dorzhiev, Assoc. Prof.
Criminal Law Department
V. Radnaev, Assoc. Prof.
Customs Department
T. Tanganova, Assoc. Prof.
Crisis Management and Personnel Management Department
O. Novakovskaya, Prof.
Engineering Protection of the Environment and Protection in Emergency Situations Deparment
Yu. Khankhunov, Assoc. Prof.


Faculty of Law


In May 2005 the ESSUTM (ESSTU) Institute of Economics and Law was divided into the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Law. The institute director Prof. I. Sharaldaeva, Doctor of Economics, Honoured Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation, Higher Law Education Institutes Association Presidium Member, was appointed the Dean of the Faculty of Law.

In 2011 the faculty students study at four higher vocational educational programs with 11 specializations; all programs being available by correspondence and three of them – in an reduced form (for those with vocational school certificates).

  • 030900 Jurisprudence:
    • Civil Law;
    • Constitutional Law;
    • Criminal Law.
  • 080400 Personnel Management
    • Personnel Auditing and Controlling;
    • Labour Safety Management.
  • 036401.65 Customs:
    • Customs Payments and Currency Exchange Regulations;
    • Customs Management;
    • Customs Logistics.
  • 280700 Technosphere Safety:
    • Engineering Protection of the Environment
    • Protection in Emergency Situations
    • Fire Safety

Basic Goals and Aims

  • to train bachelors of law according to the new federal state education standard of higher professional education;
  • to constantly improve and update teaching resources according to the latest scientific and technical achievements and changes in the legislation;
  • to arrange and carry out scientific research of law and legal practice most problematic issues;
  • to develop scientific potential according to the modern requirements for ensuring highly qualified teaching staff;
  • to prepare lawyers capable of solving difficult problems and implementing reforms in compliance with a professional and social role of the lawyer in the changing society;
  • to intensify cooperation with other educational institutions, state authorities, local government, as well as public communities, in order to meet the joint targets;
  • to consult the individuals on legal matters, propagate juridical knowledge among the population and increase its standard of culture;
  • to mould and develop the personality of a future lawyer able to perform professional tasks efficiently.

Scientific Research work

The faculty tutors conduct research in five scientific fields, both of applied and fundamental character, working out the following problems:

  • Environmental safety;
  • population protection in emergency situations;
  • regional integration processes management;
  • law issues and legal practice.

The tutors and other faculty members organize scientific and practical conferences including the annual intrauniversity student conference. The faculty students pursue their scientific research, take an active part in intrauniversity, republican, regional, All-Russian student conferences, forums, competitions and contests annually held in the cities of Irkutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk, Vladivostok, Khabarovsk and Moscow

International Cooperation

Foreign students from Mongolia and China study law and customs and the faculty. They live in the university dormitory №4 provided with everything necessary for comfortable living and studying, including the reading-hall with Internet-connected PCs. The faculty students can continue their education at the university on preferential terms.

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