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Acting Dean: A. Greshilov, Assoc. Prof.
Mechanical Engineering Technology, Metal Working Machines and Complexes
Y. Shurygin, Assoc. Prof.
V. Alexeev, Assoc. Prof.
Machine Units, Theory of Mechanisms and Machines
I. Bituev, Assoc. Prof.
Metallurgy and Metal Processing Technology
B. Lygdenov, Assoc. Prof.
Theoretical Mechanics
G. Alkhunsaev, Assoc. Prof.
Aircraft and Helicopter Construvction
Ts. Tsydypov, Assoc. Prof.


Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Mechanical Engineering Faculty was established in 1973 (Order of the Higher and Secondary Professional Education of the Russian Federation № 234, May 28, 1973) on the basis of Mechanical Faculty (founded in 1964) with two educational programs:
0501 “Mechanical Engineering Technology, Metal Cutting Machines and Tools”
0569 “Machinery and Apparata of Light Industry” with the general enrollment for 175 first-year full-time students.

These programs, opened in 1964, are the oldest ones at the university. They enrolled full-time, part-time and extra-mural students.

Basic training of the teaching staff of the Department was provided through target post-graduate study at the central universities of the country, such as: Bauman Moscow State Technical University (more than 20 teachers were trained there and some of them still have been working at the chairs of the department: Sadykov V. V., Elaeva N.K., Bohoeva L.A., Baldaev V.P., Bahrunov K.K.), St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University, St. Petersburg State University of textile and light industry, Belorussian Polytechnical University, Moscow State Technical University “MAMI”, Moscow State Technological University, “Stankin”, A. A. Blagonravov Mechanical Engineering Institute of USSR RAS, Moscow State Open University, Ural State Technical University and others .

Major contribution to consolidation of the teaching staff, resource base and formation of scientific research work at the department’s chairs was made by the first rector of the university, the head of the “Metal Technology” Chair, Full Prof. Damnin Shagdurovich Frolov and the Department deans: Upkunov L. N., Candidate of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof. (1972-1976); Bulatov V.R., Candidate of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof. (1976-1981); Lubin V. G., Candidate of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof. (1981-1985); Egorov M.M. Candidate of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof. (1985-1992), Zhargalov T.S. Candidate of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof. (1992-1993); Morozov O. A. Candidate of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof. (1993-1995); Balzhanov D.Ts., Candidate of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof. (1995-2009).

Acting Dean is Anatoly Dmitrievich Greshilov, Assoc. Prof.


The department comprises six chairs:
  • “Mechanical Engineering Technology, Metal Cutting Machines and Tools”, established in 1963.
  • “Automobiles and Automobile’s Maintenance”, established in1981.
  • “Metallurgy and Metal Processing Technology”, established in1973.
  • “Aircraft and Helicopter Construction”, established in 2002.
  • “Machine Units, Theory of Mechanisms and Machines”, established in 1970. (Supplementary Chair);
  • “Theoretical Mechanics”, established in 1978. (Supplementary Chair).

Department members Sizov I.G., Doctor of Science in Engineering, Full Professor, “Honorary worker of higher Education of the Russian Federation”; Haraev Yu.P., Full Professor, Doctor of Science in Engineering; Trishina V.N., “Honorary worker of Education of the Republic of Buryatia”, Associate Professor, “Honorary Worker of Higher Education”; 30 Candidates of Science and Associate Professors vividly testify to the highest level of academic qualification and professionalism.

Educational activity

Majoring chairs deliver eight under graduate and three post graduate educational programs. Total amount of students by the 1 January, 2010 was - 774 people, including full-time students – 546, extra-mural students - 228, post graduate students -10.

Post graduate educational programs:
05.22.10 « Road Transport Maintenance »
05.20.03 «Technology and Maintenance of Machinery in Agriculture »
05.02.01 « Materials (in Engineering) »

Direction Educational Program
1. Mechanical Engineering Technology Mechanical Engineering Technology Processes
Computer-aided design and manufacturing technology
2. Metal Cutting Machines and Tools Construction and Maintenance of Technological Equipment
Tool Systems and Technological Equipment
3. Automobiles and Automobile’s Maintenance Technical Maintenance and Machinery Repair
4. Service of transport and technological Machines and Equipment (in Automobile transport) Service, Sale of Motor Transport, Units and Proprietary Automobile Service
5. Powder Metallurgy, Composite Materials, Coatings Condensation and Diffusion Coatings on Metals and Alloys
6. Metallurgy and Metal Heat Treatment Metallurgy and Metal Heat Treatment
7. Decorative Metal Processing Technology in sphere of jewelry production and assessment
8. Aircraft and Helicopter Construction Aircraft Construction

Scientific Research Area:

  • Technical maintenance of vehicles in Siberia. (Alekseev V.M., Cand. of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof.) Research area: Development of new methods and means of technical diagnostics of vehicles (Alekseev V.M., Cand. of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof., Moshkin N.I., Cand. of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof.);
  • Research and development of high-technological processes, machines and tools (Shurygin J.L., Cand. of Science in Engineering). Research area: The influence of diffusion hardening methods on the accuracy and surface quality of form-building and cutting tools (Haraev J.P., Cand. of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof., Greshilov A.D., Cand. of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof.);
  • Research area: Development of theoretical principles, methods and tools for the design of walking machines and robots (Balbarov V.S., Cand. of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof.);
  • Development of high-technological processes, machines, tools. Strength analysis of structural elements of isotropic and composite materials with the permissible defects (Bohoeva L.A., Doctor of Science in Engineering);
  • Robotics, artificial intelligence, digital image processing, camera calibration (Nayhanov V.V., Doctor of Science in Engineering, Full Prof.);
  • Phase transformations in steels with gradient structures obtained by the methods of chemical-thermal and chemical-thermal cyclic treatment (Sizov I.G., Doctor of Science in Engineering, Full Prof.). Research area: Surface hardening of machine parts and machinery by chemical-thermal treatment , air-gas-plasma spraying, gas-thermal surfacing (Sizov I.G., Doctor of Science in Engineering, Full Prof., Lygdenov B.D., Doctor of Science in Engineering, Full Prof.) Phase transformations in steels with gradient structures obtained by methods KRD and HTTSO;
  • Movement and automatic balancing of rotor machinery (Alkhunsaev G.G., Cand. of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof.). Research area: The special regimes of autobalance process of absorbed rotor systems using the theory of cubature formulas (Oshorov B.B., Cand. of Science in Physics and Mathematics, Assoc. Prof., Alhunsaev G.G., Cand. of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof.).

Methodology Research Area:

  • Methodical support of the innovation education based on high technology education. Supervisor –Trishina V.N., Assoc. Prof. (Chair of Theoretical Mechanics)

Technical facilities

There are specialized laboratories:

  • Metrology and Standardization Laboratory;
  • Computer Aided Design Laboratory;
  • Machining Laboratory (lathes, boring, flat and cylindrical grinding machine-tools);
  • Research Laboratory of Friction;
  • Training laboratory of fuels and lubricants;
  • Training laboratory of fuel equipment of diesel engine testing;
  • Laboratory of automobile parts certification testing;
  • Laboratory of electrical car equipment certification testing;
  • Research laboratory of automobile computer diagnosing;
  • Air-plasma spraying Laboratory (installation of air-plasma spraying);
  • Welding and Surfacing Laboratory (semi-automatic welding device, RDS)
  • Laboratory of thermal and thermochemical treatment (laboratory and semi-industrial furnace with maximum operating temperature of 900, 950 and 1000° C, high-temperature programmable furnace (1200 ° C), thermoelectric heat-cold chamber (-50 +60 ° C), universal program-controlled heat chamber);
  • laboratory of metallographic analysis (optical microscopes «Neophot-21", "Epignos, MWT-71, MBS-10);
  • Laboratory of mechanical tests (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers scales, microhardometer for determining the hardness of nonmetallic materials, the pendulum testing machine, breaking machine, styloscope);
  • Science Laboratory (plant for ray-ionic processing, X-ray diffractometer "DRON-2").

Four computer labs are used in the educational process. All computers have Internet access and are equipped with specialized software (Solid Works, AutoCAD, MathCAD, Unigraphics, ADEM, Compass, Terra, etc.).

Scientific textbooks, works, monographs

Department members published 6 monographs, 58 articles in reviewed magazines, 20 patents and copyright certificates.

The organization of conferences

In 2009 the chairs of the Department organized:

  • IV International conference "Mechanics problem of modern cars";
  • VII Session of RAS (Russian Academy of Sciences) Scientific Council of the "Kinematics and dynamics of complex mechanical systems";
  • Organization of breakup group «Actual problems of mechanical engineering and transport vehicles" All-Russian theoretical and practical conference "Young scientists of Siberia".

Department members take part in the international, regional and republican conferences on relevant branches of science and technology.

International Cooperation

Mechanical Engineering Department co-operates with U.A. Dzholdasbekov Institute of Mechanics and Machinery, Kazakh British Technical University, K.I.Satpaev Kazakh National Technical University, Joint Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
There is a valid agreement of cooperation with Technical university of Dresden (Germany) where students have opportunity to study. According to the agreement 3 students from this university studied in August, 2009.

Cooperation with the industrial enterprises

The Department co-operates with the industrial enterprises, such as JSC « Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant», Closed JSC « Ulan-Ude Paddle Plant», JSC “Energotehnomash”, JSC “Ulan-Ude Train Locomotive Repair Plant” - the branch of the Russian Railways and many others.

Educational achievements of students

Students of the Department take part in research activities. They report the results of scientific research at annual University Student Research Conference. The best works are presented at the National, Regional, All-Russian competition of student research papers. Each year students participate in zonal and republican competitions and take prize-winning places.

In 2008 Suhanov N.G., the student of Group 443 won 1st place for participation in All-Russia competition of the graduation projects, and master's theses in the field of metallurgy. The scientific supervisor is Gulyashinov A.N., Cand. of Science in Engineering, Assoc. Prof.


For a quarter-century the Department trained more than 3600 mechanical engineers and about 750 transportation engineers.

The graduates successfully work in almost all regions of Siberia and the Far East in various branches of industry. Most of the graduates join the ranks of the engineering staff of Ulan-Ude and Republic of Buryatia factories and enterprises. Among them there are ministers, directors and chief experts, more than 60 people are scientists. Today 18 graduates are members of the Department with scientific degree.

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