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Academic Council

The university Academic Council is the elective representative body which carries out general management by its activity.

Academic Council structure

Academic Council structure includes the rector, vice-rectors, and also under the Academic Council decision – deans of the faculties and directors of the institutes. A chairman of the Academic Council is the rector of the university who appoints an assistant and a scientific secretary from the members of the Academic Council.

Elections of other members of the Academic council are conducted by conference by ballot. Rates of representation in the Academic council from structural divisions of the university and students are defined by the Academic council.

The academic council is elected for 5 years and its structure is affirmed with the order of the rector of ESSUTM. The present structure of the Academic council is confirmed with the order of the rector № 4055 from October, 12th, 2010

The chairman of Academic council of ESSUTM is rector of ESSUTM, Doctor of Economics, Professor Saktoev Vladimir Evgenievich

The scientific secretary of the academic council is Candidate of Biology, Associate Professor Bitueva Anna Viktorovna

Scientific secretaries of the councils of the institutes and faculties:

  • Dondokova Gesegma Zhargalovna – the scientific secretary of the Institute of food engineering and biotechnology;
  • Endonova Galina Batoevna - the scientific secretary of the Faculty of service, technology and design;
  • Damdinova Raisa Shojzhonovna - the scientific secretary of the Building faculty;
  • Afanasyeva Angelina Afanasyevna - the scientific secretary of the Machine-building faculty;
  • Shataeva Victoria Vjacheslavovna - the scientific secretary of the Institute of economics and law;
  • Sultimova Valentina Dampilovna - the scientific secretary of the Electro technical faculty;
  • Sokolov Sergey Makarovich - the scientific secretary of the Institute of sustainable development.

The Academic Council competences

Academic Council:

  • Defines high school structure;
  • Confirms positions of structural divisions, creation and activity order, structure and competences of the Academic council;
  • Confirms a plan of economic and social development of the university for one year and on prospect;
  • Makes decisions on all questions of the organization of educational process;
  • Defines a creation procedure and activity of guardians board of ESSUTM and other councils for various lines of activity, their structure and powers;
  • Defines terms and procedure of rector elections of ESSUTM, a promotion procedure and the requirements to the nominees for a position of the rector;
  • Defines the sizes of surcharges and extra charges, awards and other payments to the workers of ESSUTM;
  • Confirms an order of formation of thematic plans of research work;
  • Considers attestative cases for replacement of vacant posts of the faculty and science officers on competition basis, representation to assignment of scientific and honorary titles, to rewarding by the state awards;
  • Defines directions of use of material and financial assets for development and support of industrial and social infrastructures of the university.

Contact information:

Address: 670013, Ulan-Ude, Klyuchevskaya ul., 40v, building 10, office. 335
Tel.: (3012) 41-31-70

Reception hours of the scientific secretary of the Academic council: Wednesday from 10.00 till 17.00.

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