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International Cooperation

International cooperation is an integral part of activity of the university. From the moment of establishment of ESSUTM the great attention is given to expansion of international contacts and integration of the university into the international scientific and educational space.

Nowadays foreign partners of the university in the sphere of education, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation are the educational and scientific institutions, companies, international organizations and funds from China, Mongolia, Germany, Poland, France, the USA, the Netherlands, etc.

Within the frame of cooperation contracts with the Mongolian high schools and organizations such as Mongolian State University of Science and Technologies, Darhan Institute of Technology, Ulan-Bator Food-processing Industry Institute, Mongolian Institute of Beauty, Darhan Fur Factory joint research works, passage of professional training of teachers, language and industrial practices of students, preparation of highly skilled scientific and pedagogical shots for Mongolia through postgraduate study of the university are carried out.

Last years communications with high schools of the Peoples Republic of China especially in the field of joint preparation of students have been actively developed. The university has a number of contracts for the bachelor studies with Institute of International Commerce at Tszilin Institute of Russian in Changchun, and also for bachelor and specialist studies in Computer Science Institute «Neusoft» in Northeast University of Dalian.

Moreover, the university co-operates with Shenyan Technical University, Tsitsikar Medical Institute, Chanchun Technical University, Tszilin Institute of Russian, Northeast Agricultural University in the field of joint scientific researches, training of the Chinese students in Russian, organization of language and regional geographic internships for the Russian students.

Besides the cooperation with foreign partners from APR countries he university has contractual relations with University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan (Poland), Technical University of Dresden (Germany), University of Nice Sofia-Antipolis (France), Texas Technical University (USA), University INHOLLAND, Amsterdam (Netherlands).

Cooperation with the above-stated partners provides realization of joint scientific researches, carrying out of scientific conferences and seminars, preparation of experts in programs of double diplomas, professional retraining of specialists in the field of marketing.

Management and employees

Head of the Department – Shombueva Bairma Vladimirovna
Deputy Head – Gorbunova Evgenia Afanasevna
Specialist – Shoyropova Yulia Sergeevna

Main objectives and tasks

  • Working out of regional strategy of the university’s representation in the international market of educational services and its integration in international educational and scientific systems;
  • Escalating of educational services export of the university for attraction of additional financial and material means for university development;
  • Expansion of the university’s activity in participation in the international educational programs, projects, grants.
  • Increase in the academic mobility of students, post-graduate students and teachers.
  • Establishment of foreign branches, centers, university representations abroad.

Basic achievements

During 2006-2009 there was a considerable escalating of export of educational services of the university. The quantity of the foreign citizens trained in the university annually increases: 2006 - 153 persons; 2007 – 142 persons; 2008 - 168 persons; 2009 - 278 persons.

In 2006 the first set of the Chinese students (15 people) for training in joint educational program with Institute of International Commerce has taken place at Tszilin Institute of Russian (Changchun - the Peoples Republic of China) in Economics (bachelor degree).

In 2008 realization of joint Master program in Economics (8 people) with the university Nice – Sofia – Antipolis started (France).

In 2008 realization of two joint educational programs with Computer Science Institute «Neusoft» in Dalian, the Peoples Republic of China (2008 – 16 students, 2009 – 18 students) began.

From 2006-2009 5 citizens of Mongolia and 1 citizen of the Peoples Republic of China have studied at the postgraduate studies and have received a candidate's degree.


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