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Уханьский текстильный университет

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With the aim of cultivating textile specialists and serving Hubei’s textile industry, Wuhan Textile University (WTU) was founded in 1958 in central Chain, Hubei’s capital Wuhan is a metroplis full of universities and talents. WTU is the only college in Central and Southwest China that features studies in textile and apparel.
50 years witnesses our diligent self-improvement and hard work making innovations and marching toward prosperity in textile. In 2006,WTU was labeled excellence in the undergraduate teaching level evaluation by the Ministry of Education.WTU for 11 consecutive years, ranks first in the Chinese fashion institutions, and first in ranking of “New Artist”“Award for Talent Cultivation” having cultivated a large number of outstanding talent. In terms of scientific research, WTU has achieved a batch of important successes, such as the first prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress, the second prize for National Invent and for National Teaching Awards. When it comes to serving the community, WTU highlights its characteristics through creating“China Science and Technology Innovation Alliance of Embedded Composite Spinning Techonology and“China Ramie Industrial Science and Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance”,and has made great contribution to the industry and local economy and social development.

The future of WTU education in the 21th century is bright. Confronted with new opportunities and challenges for development, WTU will continue to emancipate the mind as educational ideals, adhere to scientific development in building itself into a featured university promoting of WTU overall strength in a coordinated development WTU sticks to the scientific guidance of “grasping overall planning of WTU by adhering to scientific outlooks on development, seeking steady development emphasizing quality-oriented education in the process of development as well as stressing on specific competitiveness with distinctive features”so as to important the modern university system-building strategy and construct a modern multiversity management.WTU has been adhering to upgrading its competence by implementing high-level featured strategy for development, promoting its innovative capacity by implementing the strategy for high-level multidisciplinary development, achieving breakthroughs in its faculty team building by implementing the strategy of introducing and fostering high-end talents.WTU is fully initiating and constructing.

Адрес: 1 Textile Road, Wuhan, P. R. China Postcode:430073

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Почта: 1533876320@qq.com

Сайт: http://www.wtu.edu.cn/en/

Контактное лицо партнера: Mei Shunqi


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