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ESSUTM today

  is the first technical higher educational institution in Transbaikalia, the first university in the Republic of Buryatia. ESSUTM today is the largest scientific and educational complex in the East of the country, ranking high in the higher school system of Russia

ESSUTM Is a multieducational centre which realizes more than 80 basic licensed educational programs on full-time and part-time modes of study

ESSUTM is possibility to continue education in the master programs within two years after termination of training in the bachelor program.

ESSUTM realizes a principle of continuing education and expands a possibility of optimization of an educational trajectory by experts and students of 4-5 years of study. They are trained under the reduced form of education and get second higher education diploma at the regional institute of professional training.

ESSUTM prepares scientific and teaching personnel in postgraduate study in 11 licensed scientific specialties, certification of science officers in 6 specialized councils of the University.

ESSUTM is a many thousands army of the most active part of youth (about 10 thousand students are trained at the full-time and part-time courses) and a progressive part of the population with different purposefulness, persistence, creative thinking, enthusiasm.

ESSUTM has trained more than 50 thousand experts with higher vocational training that are basis of industrial and economic management of the enterprises, establishments and the organizations not only in Siberia and the Far East, but also in other regions of Russia

120 professors and doctors of sciences, over 450 teachers with Candidate degree is a bright indicator of the highest skill level of scientific and pedagogical shots

ESSUTM consists of 4 institutes and 10 faculties which organize methodical, research, industrial and educational activity with students and post-graduate students on all levels of the higher vocational training, forms and technologies of training.

61 chairs (44 letting out and 17 providing) are the basic educational and scientific divisions which carry out educational activity, conduct preparation and retraining of personnel and increase of their qualification.

5 branches train the students of first two years of study (in Mongolia, in the Republic of Buryatia, in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), Irkutsk and Chita areas) and representations to Irkutsk and Yakutsk

ESSUTM possesses 10 training, research and production complexes (2 - carrying out industrial activity, 8 - rendering services)

The university develops abilities and interests of students. At the university numerous sections of student's centre of science, sport club section, collectives of the student's center of culture promoting disclosing and display of research, sports and creative abilities, organization of effective and productive leisure of students, experience acquisition to the subsequent professional work.

16 educational buildings of ESSUTM secure educational process. Some of them have been constructed and placed in operation over the last 5 years: 2 floor specialized building of the chair "Plane and helicopter building" with the established flying machines (АN-24, МI-2, МI-8); unique in the republic a bench hall for carrying out of scientific researches, diagnostics and tests of elements, units and knots of cars; the industrial building of the chair «Metallurgical science and technology of processing of materials» for carrying out of researches of metals and alloys, including use of nanotechnologies; the 5-floor building with a number of 2 level lecture halls of type "amphitheatre". All educational and scientific laboratories are equipped with modern technological and test equipment, devices, computers, office equipments, multimedia, etc.

The publishing centre of the university publishes its own materials of scientific and methodical maintenance of educational process, and also own student's periodicals "Rush hour" and "Tekhnolozhka"

ESSUTM incorporates the Buryat republican centre of new information technology of ESSUTM, the Buryat representation of the Center of testing of the Russian Federation at ESSUTM, the Buryat republican Center of Internet Education, the Regional resource Center of education information, the Regional centre of pedagogical audit, and also a popular virtual reading room with access to dissertational fund of the Russian state library and funds of the Congress of the USA library.

ESSUTM uses modern information technology on the basis of more than 1000 personal computers of last versions, 40 display classes connected to Internet.

ESSUTM develops fundamental sciences not only on chairs, but also in the research sector, the education, research and production sector, in the research laboratories and centers, in the intellectual property department; in the department of metrology and standardization with laboratory of instrumentations.

ESSUTM possesses the developed social infrastructure: 4 student's hostels; the magnificent 2-storeyed Center of culture with an auditorium for 500 places; student's polyclinic; sanatorium-dispensary; scientific and technical library with 4 reading rooms, a sports complex (the stadium, the covered track and field athletics arena, two halls of game sports, halls of struggle, boxing, the open areas, etc.), food industrial complex (dining rooms, buffets in all buildings and hostels, cafe in a separate 2-storeyed building with two lunch halls for 300 places). The university has sports camp "Rovesnik" (the lake Baikal), rest houses "Goryachinsk" (the lake Baikal), "Hongor-Uula" and "Arshan" (mineral sources in foothills of Sayan mountains)


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