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Training of foreign citizens at the University

Training of foreign citizens at the University

Training of foreign citizens is carried out since 1992. During this period more than 1000 foreign students have been trained in the Russian language courses, in the pre-university preparation programs, in the basic educational programs of the higher vocational training and in the postgraduate study. Nowadays about 300 foreign citizens from China, Korea, Mongolia and the CIS countries are trained at the University.

ESSUTM offers foreign citizens training in the Russian language courses, training for pre-university training program, undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses. The university offers also internships in economic, technical and humanitarian directions. For part-time training only permanently or temporarily residing in the Russian Federation foreign citizens are accepted (with a residence permit or temporary residence permit).

    Duration of training:
  • Russian courses – 10 months;
  • Pre-university training – 1 year;
  • Undergraduate Program – 4 years;
  • Master’s Program – 2 years (after a bachelor degree);
  • Postgraduate study – 3 years for full-time training program and 4 years for part-time training program (the criteria for admission to postgraduate study is the presence of a Master’s degree).

The academic year includes two semesters:
1 semester: September – January
2 semester: February – June

    Application deadline:
  • For the Russian language courses and preparatory faculty – from May, 10th till August, 10th;
  • For undergraduate programs – from June, 20th till July, 25th;
  • For graduate programs – from June, 20th till August, 25th;
  • For postgraduate study – from September, 01st till September, 25th.
    Documents required for admission:
    For admission to the university foreign citizen must submit the following documents:
  • Application for admission;
  • The original document of the foreign state about education or its notarized copy;
  • Notarized translation into Russian of the document about education and annexes to it;
  • Copy of the identity document (passport, residence permit)
  • Copy of the entry visa to the Russian Federation;
  • Certificate of state testing in the Russian language of level 1.
  • Medical certificate confirming absence of medical contra-indications for training including the results of blood tests for AIDS, RW; result of chest x-ray; the results of vaccination against measles, diphtheria (no more 5 years ago), rubella and hepatitis B.

All translations into Russian should be executed to name and surname, specified in the entry visa.

The procedure of the invitation issuance for study entrance

The foreign citizens wishing to study at USSUTM send to the International Relations Department (hereinafter IRD) an application form for reception of the invitation for issuance of the student visa. Applications should be no later than 2,5 months before the expected entry into the Russian Federation.

To the application form there should be attached a high-quality copy of the passport of the invited person (scanned and sent via e-mail). Copies of the international passports sent by fax for issuance of invitation aren't accepted. Validity of passport should be at least 18 months from the date of commencement of the study visa.

IRD prepares an invitation (term of registration 1 month) for the foreign citizens entry to the Russian Federation for the purpose of study at ESSUTM and sends to the applicant’s request by express-post or transfers to the contact person in Ulan-Ude. Expenses for sending the invitation are taken by the foreign citizen. After invitation reception it is necessary for foreign citizen to apply to the Embassy (Consulate) of Russia in the residing country where the study visa for 3 months is issued. It is annually renewed by registration of the multiple-entry visa for entire period of study.

After the arrival in Ulan-Ude the foreign citizen is obliged within 24 hours to submit to IRD his/her passport, visa, migration card, photos 3,5 - 4,5 - 8 pieces for migration registration.

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