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How to apply

The applicants enroll according to the results of the entrance examinations.

In advance and before your visit to Ulan-Ude, please, contact the international relations office for all necessary information: educational programs, dates and requirements for the exams, papers for admission and visa, and other details of your visit.

    1. Contact the office and arrange the details of your visit. You will find contact information at the end of this page.
    2. Come to Ulan-Ude with all original documents required for the admission.
    3. Provide the university admissions committee with all the required documents:
      • Application (as directed);
      • Passport with visa and migration card, and copy with a notarized translation into Russian;
      • Document of the previous education with a notarized translation into Russian;
      • Official copy of academic record (Transcript with the list of all subjects and marks) with a notarized translation into Russian;
      • Statements of equivalence of the education certificate (for the certificates outside the Russian Federation) – if required;
      • Medical certificate given by medical facilities, confirming that you do not have contraindications for studies in the Russian Federation and at the faculty you are applying to;
      • Negative AIDS and RW test results valid on the territory of the Russian Federation;
      • Chest photofluorography result; vaccination against measles, diphtheria (not more than 5 years ago), rubella and hepatitis B.
      • Eight 3x4 cm photographs.
      • Compatriots living abroad must provide copies of documents or other evidence confirming the identity of a compatriot living abroad, the status of which is determined by Federal Law of May 24, 1999 No. 99-ФЗ “On State Policy of the Russian Federation Regarding Compatriots Abroad”.

Please, mind, that the international office has the right to require additional info.

    1. Receive the invitation letter.

To get a letter of invitation, necessary for receiving a student visa, please send (via mail, fax or e-mail) to the international office the photocopy of the first two pages of passport and filled form (you may find it in Documents). The passport must be valid for at least 18 months from the start date of the student visa. Please find out the details of getting visa in the Russian Embassy in your country. It takes about 45 days to get the letter of invitation, which is why we recommend sending all the documents as soon as possible. Upon arrival in Ulan-Ude, a foreign citizen must submit a passport, visa, migration card, 6 3x4 photographs to the Office of International Relations for migration registration.

    1. Pass the exams.
    2. Conclude the educational agreement.

Your expenses may include:

    • Tuition fee.
    • Visa support fees.
    • Cost of accommodation in the students' dormitory.
    • Cost of medical certificate and AIDS test.
    • Health insurance or contract for medical service.
    • Additional expenditures on translation and legalization of the academic documents, food, transportation, etc.

The university offers to international students:

    • free use of educational, technical, fiction and periodicals in the library of the ESSUTM;
    • accommodation in a university dormitory in 2-3 local rooms with public amenities, cost of accommodation ranges from 900 to 5 300 roubles a month.
    • providing, if necessary, medical assistance at the university student clinic, assistance in obtaining medical insurance for foreign students during their stay in the Russian Federation.


Contact info

Address: Russian Federation, Republic of Buryatia, 670013, Ulan-Ude, Klyuchevskaya str., 40V, building 12, offices 201B, 203B
Phone/fax: +7 (3012) 433516

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