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Department of Organization and Management of Scientific Researches
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наука.jpg The scientific research work at the university is carried out according to priority trends of development of the science and technology set of Russia determined by the Russian government: information systems and systems of automation; mathematics and calculus; chemistry and chemical technologies; biotechnology of foodstuffs for the new generation, rational use of leather and fur raw materials; creating new building materials and constructions on the basis of local materials and industrial wastes; developing and using plasma technologies; raising the stability of power systems and electric power quality; developing effective technological processes of strengthening machine parts and tools; environmental protection and rational application of resources of Lake Baikal; economic and social problems of the Baikal region; researches in humanities.

The scientific schools formed at the university are well recognized in Russia and abroad. The East-Siberia University of Technology launchers research initiatives in 13 basic fields. Top priority is given such important areas as biotechnology, new materials development, and laser technologies development. Many scientists do their research under federal and regional R&D programs, supported by national and international funds and grants. They also participate in projects or agreements with local enterprises.

Approximately 30% of undergraduate students are involved in research. The researchers are awarded candidate's and doctorate degrees in 11 fields of study.

The founders of scientific schools at the ESSUT are Dr. Shoinzhurov Ts., Dr. Mantatov V., Dr. Khamagaeva I., Dr. Zhamsaranova S., Dr. Chirkina Т., Dr. Dumnov V., Dr. Tsirempilov A., Dr. Naikhanov V., Dr. Urkhanov N.. Dr. Tsirenov V.

The university science is closely connected with industry, which results in a big number of researches for serial implementation. The most considerable scientific researches are: production of the liquid bacteria concentrated product of bifid bacteria (Doctor of Sciences in Engineering , Professor Khamagaeva I.S), ecologically clean medical prophylactic grain products on the basis of the Tibetan medicine recommendations (Candidate of Sciences in Engineering Ayusheeva A.G), sheepskin processing by using new technologies (Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Dumnov V.S) and others. All these researches are used in different fields of economy.

Post-graduate courses of the ESSUT and other educational institutions help to provide the university with highly qualified professional teaching and scientific staff. There are 198 post graduate students of 28 majors at the university; 192 thesises for the degree of Candidate of Sciences in Engineering and 30 thesises for the Doctorate of Sciences in Engineering have been defended for the last five years.

There are six Scientific Boards for the Doctorate and Candidate degrees that cover 11 scientific directs.

There is the Department of Intellectual Property at the university which is the only one in the Republic. This Department registrates and prepares innovation applications. 25 industrial innovations were approved in 2006: among them 19 - are for devices, four - useful models, two - industrial samples.

The students of the university take an active part in scientific research as well. They are regular participants of All - Russian scientific conferences. Over 140 certificates, official documents, medals and grants prove innovation and quality of student's scientific works.

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