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Scientific and Research Sector

Scientific and Research Sector

The main objectives of activity of the Scientific Research Sector of ESSUTM (SRS ESSUTM) are:

  • Realization by the third parties of the intellectual property objects belonging to ESSUTM;
  • Maintenance, development and perfection of educational process in ESSUTM;
  • Maintenance of growth of qualification and increase of professional level of ESSUTM and SRS ESSUTM employees;
  • Development of material, experimental and industrial base of ESSUTM;
  • Maintenance of economic, social and working conditions for the fullest use and development of scientific, technical, educational, and methodical potential of ESSUTM personnel;
  • Performance of fundamental, search and applied researches, workings out in priority directions of science and techniques according to the Concept and the development program of research activity (confirmed on 25.12.2005 with the Report №7 of session of ESSUTM Academic council), and also with a profile of preparation of experts in ESSUTM;
  • Increase of scientific and technical level, efficiency of scientific research and quality of experts preparation.

For achievement of Authorized purposes of ESSUTM Research Sector can carry out following kinds of activity:

  • Research, design, skilled and technical works;
  • Creation and realization of scientific and technical production, small-scale, high technology production as goods;
  • Rendering of educational, research and consulting services;
  • Manufacture of the consumer goods which are growing out of performance of research and developmental works;
  • Manufacture and realization of consumer goods and technological appointment;
  • Information and patent service, publishing activity, organization of meetings, seminars, exhibitions, advertising activity;
  • Certified and expert works;
  • Organization of joint fundamental scientific researches, coordination and control of their performance by scientists of the higher school and the Russian Academy of Sciences;
  • Participation in competitions, grants of the Russian Federation and the foreign funds;
  • Realization of foreign trade activities on behalf of the university according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Organization of retail trade;
  • Rendering of services to legal and physical persons.

Thanks to SRS starting-up, adjustment, design, expert works, educational services are financed. Production under contracts by Khamagaeva I.S, Shalbuev D.V., Sovetkin N.V., Egorova G. K is carried out. The given works are conducted on the basis of patent workings out and are distinguished with their stability during many years. In 2007 for implementation of industrial contracts in the frame of SRS there was involved 242 teachers and employees of the university including doctors of sciences and professors - 20, assistant professors and candidates - 32. Heads of industrial contracts involve students, post-graduate students of the university for this work, employees of scientific and republic educational institutions (BSC, BSAA, the Ministry of Agriculture and foodstuffs of the RB, Ministry of Education of the RB, etc.) also take part in fulfillment of work.

Nowadays the following experimental laboratories and departments in the structure of SRS are created and stably work:

  • Experimental laboratory of the chair "Technology of milk and dairy products"
  • Experimental industrial and design laboratory for studying and working out of footwear with use of national traditions of people living on territory of Buryatia.
  • Laboratory for test of building designs and materials
  • Department for research of cars electronic systems
  • Problem research laboratory
  • Test laboratory of production of light industry
  • Department of Problems of certification and examination "SertEks"
  • Laboratory "Analysis and quality check of electric energy"

In contemporary conditions the further development of Scientific Research Sector of ESSUTM is in realization (organization) of effective interrelation of high school science, experimental manufacture and commercial development of results of research works. For preservation of personnel potential it is necessary to create scientific infrastructure of high school, to use the Russian and foreign programs of young experts training, to attract youth to realization of existing economic contractual works, to encourage participation of young experts in various Russian and foreign grant programs, to expand contacts (cooperation) with the Government, the mayoralty, innovative funds and banks, high schools and the Buryat centre of science, to take part in the innovative, scientific and technical programs financed by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Buryatia, Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation.


Address: 670013, Republic Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Klyuchevskaya ul. 40V, office 249, ESSUTM, Scientific and Research Sector

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